First time in a WHILE that I’ve stayed up late for something school related. Had a fucking microbio lab report last night and didn’t get to bed till 3:30, another bit I hadn’t done for quite some time.

Skipping class today to finish my stupid ethics paper.

A little over 2 months left of my last undergrad semester at RU. Then a nice summer, two weeks in England and Scotland, and then pharmacy school starts August 31st!


Also, I’m 21. I went to the liquor store and blew 80 bucks on a $50 bottle of 15 year old single malt scotch and a few cases of Sam Adams. The guy didn’t even ask for my ID. I felt so cheated. What was the point of turning 21 if I can’t even flaunt it?

I imagined a scenario that played out like this:
Store Clerk (donning an arrogant tone the second he sees me enter the store): Excuse me, young man, but may I see some ID please?
Me: Certainly. Here you are.
Store Clerk: Oh. I see. Very well. Carry on then!

And I would have smugly went on my way. But none of that happened. The guy simply asked if he could help me find something. And then he proceeded to recommend things and be very helpful and polite in general. I am dissatisfied.

I’ve got a secret! It’s on the tip of my tongue! It’s on the back of my lungs! I’m gonna keep it! I know something you don’t know!

Repent! Repent! The end is nigh! Repent! Repent! We’re all gonna die!

What a paramount achievement, honestly. I can’t believe I’m actually going to pharmacy school. In 4 years I’ll be a doctor, for fuck’s sake. Thank God this application bullshit is over. No more stressing over waiting for everything to be done, every step which took fucking eons (everything from waiting for transcripts being mailed twice, waiting for GPAs being calculated twice, waiting for transcripts being sent twice to my schools, waiting for schools to invite me for interviews, waiting for answers of acceptance or rejection, and not to mention the 10 hour and 6 hour roadtrips I’ve been on in the last few weeks). It’s all been a hectic 2 and some months, but I’m finally accepted somewhere, and I’m glad to say I really like this school. It doesn’t feel like I’m settling, which is a great feeling since not too long ago, I would have gone to any school that would have accepted me.

I’m going to interview tomorrow at Jefferson in Philly. Not really looking forward to it. Besides the fact that I’m ready to go to ACPHS, I just don’t have high expectations about Jefferson. My main issue is Philly. I hate cities, and the idea of living in one for the next 4 years is enough to make me gag a little. Assuming I get accepted, and unless they impress the shit out of me, I think I’ll be disregarding Jefferson, despite how close it is to home.

There’s also the highly unlikely possibility of Rutgers turning their attention to me, but I’m not raising my hopes even a bit. Transferring into Ernest Mario is ridiculously difficult. The last kid I talked to who got in had a 3.5. I don’t have a 3.5 in case that wasn’t clear. 6 years of work experience can only take you so far and I just don’t think they’ll give my application more than a passing glance. Honestly, I’m fine with that. My perception of RU has changed significantly over these past 3 years. Back in high school, all I saw was Rutgers. I applied literally nowhere else, something I regret slightly today. I was just a kid and I didn’t want to leave home to go to some school in the middle of nowhere. RU Pharm didn’t take me then, but the School of Arts and Sciences did. These last 3 years have been quite alot of exposure to RU, and frankly, I don’t know if I’d want to go to pharmacy school here for another 4 years. RU’s too big a school. There’s too many people and I can’t fucking stand the bus system. Aside from that, each pharmacy class is over 200 students, which is enormous compared to ACPHS’s 70. All 200 students have the same classes at the same time. I know from experience that auditorium style lectures do not cater to individualized attention, which I am not exactly on board with. I like being able to ask questions and having attention directed at me, especially if I’m to learn information I will be using in a professional environment. RU’s only trump card is its tuition; at $10k per year, it’s exactly 1/3 that of ACPHS’s. I would also be able to live at home and thus save on room and board. Still, I’m almost 21. How much longer can I live with my parents?

If Rutgers takes me (and it’s a million to one that they will), I figure I’ll be finding an apartment with some guys in New Brunswick anyway. Paying rent’s gonna suck, but I gotta grow up sooner or later.