Forza 3 fucking rocks! I’m so glad to be having fun playing a videogame again.


Now that I’ve graduated and gotten into pharmacy school, I don’t even know what to blog about here anymore. I’ve spent the last few days just playing Modern Warfare 2. I’m getting a bit sick of it. I think I’m just getting burned out. I’m trying to stop obsessing over my ever dwindling kill death ratio (1.19 as of now) and just reminding myself that it’s a fucking video game. The whole reason I even play it is to have fun. But I’m not having fun anymore. It feels like the only way I have fun is if I do well, which I think makes sense. The objective is to kill people and I don’t think anyone finds fun in getting killed. I’m just tired of all the bullshit in the game. Camping is what mostly irritates me, especially when the entire opposing team is doing it. I suppose I should just “cry moar”. It is fucking beyond me how people play this game so much as to reach 10th prestige legitimately. I’ve invested over 2 days worth of gameplay, hit level 66 0th prestige and I’ve played a fuckton. I guess high school kids just have time on their hands.

I bought Forza 3 today and should be getting it in a few days. I need another game to play, so I can have some fun again. I hope the third iteration of Forza will fit the bill. I played Forza 2 and was bored to tears by it.

I’m gonna try and make it to Iron Man 2 sometime this week. Should be pretty baller.

Justice is LOST. Justice is RAPED. Justice is DONE.

Microbio final wasn’t bad as I was expecting. Have a good feeling about it that I hope I’m not jinxing by typing these very words.

Poetry final tomorrow and then I’m finally done.

1 paper down.

Got my Corksport exhaust in the mail today. The fucking thing is enormous. I mean, I knew it was 3.1″, but HOLY SHIT.

Exhaust work is really annoying. I fucking hate exhaust hangers. I just cut the stock ones off; I had no patience prying the muffler off. Probably gonna hook the rest up tomorrow.