Sad Keanu


My Elite arrived today. Pretty sexy thing. When I booted it up, however, it began to load a game! Turns out the seller had left a copy of Halo 2 in the disc tray. How weird.

My head pounds, starvation’s givin’ me the shakes.

Decided to say fuck it and drop 100 bucks on an Elite with the 65nm Falcon chipset. It works and even has a year left on the warranty. I’m done playing with these fucking things.

Bought a broken Xbox for 30 bucks that supposedly only had a broken DVD drive, which is easy enough to swap. It arrived at my house DOA, however. I’m quite pissed.

Shortly after, I bought a 360 bundle on eBay for 125 bucks. It sold with 4 controllers and 6 games, so that’s silly cheap. I just hope it arrives in functional condition. I’m sick of all of this bullshit.

My Xbox broke. Again. Honestly, I’m on my 3rd or 4th box by now. I hardly even use the damn things; “abuse” is the last word one would use to define my usage. It’s just fucking depressing. These consoles are great WHEN THEY FUCKING WORK.

I enjoyed Iron Man 2. The Russian consisted of a bunch of mumbling with a few coherent phrases here and there. Don Cheadle took over Terrence Howard’s role as Rhodey wonderfully. I quite enjoyed Scarlett Johansson and her fine ass, as well.