New Albums This Year

Hoobastank (acoustic) 8/7/10
Disturbed 8/31/10
Serj Tankian 9/21/10
Jimmy Eat World 9/28/10
Bring Me The Horizon 10/5/10
Fountains of Wayne 2010
The Offspring 2010 (tentative)


Had a really weird dream the other night about an old crush from high school (how’s that for a blast from the past). We just talked for a little and then she turned into a frog and hopped away. Later, people around me were playing soccer.

Anybody majoring in dream reading who can tell me what the fuck this means?

Bought a bottle of Tomintoul 27 at a closeout price. It’s apparently being discontinued to make way for a new 33 year old malt and the 27 is just stupid cheap at one outlet. I’m gonna order another one just to keep on the shelf and resell later.

Also bought a bottle of Glengoyne 12 Year Cask Strength. It is absolutely superb. Honestly, the smoothest whisky I’ve ever had. The stuff goes down like cream. You can hardly even feel the 57.2% alcohol. I’ll do a full review sometime later.


In non whisky news, I’m moving to Vermont in a month. Pharmacy school starts the 30th of August. It’s hard to imagine how much more my life can possibly change in one month. Guess I’ll just take everything one day at a time.

Yamazaki 12

Nose: oak, bananas, cherries

Palate: creamy mouthfeel, sour at first then develops into sweetness

Finish: fairly long, oaky

This was the first Japanese whisky I’ve tried and it’s not bad at all. The bananas and cherries on the nose were certainly a first for me with any whisky.

Aberlour A’bunadh (Batch 30)

Appearance: dark amber (hinting at some VERY long aging)
Nose: oak, apples, medicinal, chocolate
Taste: spicy, heavy body, creamy mouthfeel, chocolate
Finish: very long, delightfully warming, spicy

This malt is absolutely mouth watering just from the nose. It warmed my mouth immediately from the first sip, something I have never seen from a whisky before. It’s a cask strength malt bottled at close to 60% ABV and it is just a majestic scotch. Honestly may be the best scotch I’ve ever had.

Highland Park 18

Nose: smoky peat, sweet, fruit, chocolate, orange rind

sharp attack on the tongue, dried fruit
Finish: smoky, oak


was an interesting malt to be sure. The palate was difficult to judge
because it was so sharp, but I loved the complexity of the nose on this

Glenfiddich 15

Nose: spicy, fruit, sweet honey, vanilla (?)
sweet, spicy oak, light dried fruit
Finish: oak, light fruit comes

A lovely malt and one I could smell for hours. Would
definitely buy again.

Caol Isla 12 Year

Nose: spicy, peat, berries
Palate: oily (after a drop of water), spicy
Finish: oak, peat, smoky

The finish was quite lengthy on this one with oaky notes. Quite a pleasant Islay malt, indeed.