Flesh bodies, mute and blinded, roaming uncertain, lost. Infected, misinformed! Releasing a black enormous insect out from the chest. Archaic form disease! Esoteric surgery, dissection of the soul. Unsuspected precise power, on the wounded astral body. Projected beam of light!


Good day. Wiped out pharmaceutics hw and quizzes. Currently vegging out and headbanging to Gojira. New Family Guy and Metalocalypse tonight.

Immu exam went pretty well all things considered.

Also saw The Town last night. I like Ben Affleck with a Boston accent. Movie was a little long though.

The new Office was fucking epic last night. I nearly died when Dwight picked a pee corner.

Inexplicably, I had my home theater sound bar directed to my home address in New Jersey. I am a rah-tard.

There is a ton of shit to read in pharmacy school. I have at least 20 pages to read on any given day, and this shit is in depth so it takes time to read. There’s also other busy work just so I don’t get bored.

Vermont’s getting colder. The last two mornings were in the high 50’s. Vermont weather is fucking schizophrenic; one day it’s 90, the next day it’s 30. It’s not weather, it’s malaria.