Stupid counseling practical’s over. Now another stupid 5 exams and I’m done with my stupid semester and my stupid P1 year. Stupid.


Hell is worth all that! Natural habitat,
Just a rhyme without a reason!
Never ending maze! Drifting on numbered days,
Now your life is out of season.
I will knock you by! I will help you die!
I will run through you, Now I rule you too!

Hey interwebs, almost a semester has passed since my last update and with the passing of this semester, I’m going into my P2 year here at pharmacy school. It hardly feels like a year has gone by, to be completely honest. I guess it’s just the fact that school’s been keeping me so busy with exams on a weekly basis that time has gone by quicker than it feels.

Life’s good in general. I’ve gotten back into playing guitar this semester and try to play whenever I can. I’ve also got some mods planned for my car this summer. Life on the beer and scotch front is also nice; I’ve got several neat craft beers to try out and recently purchased a few bottles of Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix which I intend to sample and review in the near future.

I plan to go on a Miata run this summer, and hopefully some autocrossing as well.