Tonight were the new season premieres of Parks & Recreation and The Office. Both were hysterical. The Office roasted the whole planking fad, which culminated in Meredith planking on top of a bathroom stall, Dwight charging into the women’s bathroom and knocking her off of the stall with a fire extinguisher. Meanwhile, Parks & Recreation just had gold followed by more gold from Andy (who dumped a bottle of PeptoBismol on his shoe shine client to get him to leave) and Ron (who’s just Ron Fucking Swanson).

The new Chili Peppers album is awesome. I know it’s been getting flak, and I’m hurting from the loss of Frusciante myself, but this album WORKS. It’s got songs that are catchy, the lyrics are fantastic, the bass lines are fucking groovy. It just works.

The new Fountains of Wayne album, although I’ve delayed in talking about it, is also incredible. It’s just Fountains of Wayne, which means it’s the catchiest pop rock ever made. Every song is its own story and talks about people and experiences, all while doing it with the catchiest melodies and choruses. Fantastic album.

Oh, and I have a final tomorrow. In September. Fuck pharmacy school.