Beat Episode 4 of The Silver Lining, the unofficial King’s Quest IX. Great episode, save for some irritating bugs and crashes.

Also bought Limbo off Steam for $2.50. Will be sampling some of that tastiness tomorrow. I am literally (LITERALLY) dying without Skyrim for the past 5 days now. It hurts inside.

I went to a Korean spa for the first time today. Lots of naked dudes. Probably too many. Definitely a bit of an adjustment. My massage was incredible though. It lasted an hour, although it felt like 20 minutes. My upper and lower back were riddled with knots. I’ve never felt so much pain and relaxation at the same time. It was a pretty good time overall.

The new Blotted Science EP is nothing short of mind blowing. Two of the songs on the album were specifically composed to sync up EXACTLY shot for shot with two individual scenes from Peter Jackson’s King Kong and Slither, respectively. The latter, “Vermicular Asphyxiation”, is shown below. It is absolutely incredible. Ron Jarzombek is simply a robot alien, as humans just aren’t capable of something like this yet.


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