Killswitch was so fucking sick. It’s been almost 5 years since the last time I saw them, and they still put on a killer show. It’s the first time I’ve been to see them with Jesse as the frontman, but he’s every bit as aggressive and capable as Howard was. Adam D. was a goof, as usual. Justin Foley shaved his incredible beard! Very upsetting.

Surprisingly, the setlist wasn’t just AoJB. They started off with “A Bid Farewell” and “Rose of Sharyn”. I actually forgot how heartwrenching “Rose of Sharyn” was. Then they chugged through the whole of AoJB. Almost every song was a classic. “Numbered Days”, “My Last Serenade”, “Fixation On the Darkness”, “Life to Lifeless”, “The Element of One”, “Rise Inside” were all amazing and everyone sang along. Then they closed out the set with “My Curse” and “The End of Heartache”, both of which were also pretty emotionally brutal.

At one point, Adam D. went, “This song is about snot and hopefully some female genitalia later” before they kicked into “The Element of One”. That track might actually be my favorite off the album.

The opening bands were pretty great. Acaro is a band I’ve never heard of, but they were pretty animated on stage. I wasn’t bored, so kudos to them. Shadows Fall kicked ass though. The lead vocalist is a white dude with dreads that are 4 feet long. The lead guitarist stole the show though. That dude’s got some crazy chops.


“This absence manifests itself everywhere. I’m keenly aware of a certain G-chat window’s negative space on my computer screen all day. Unfortunate coworker fashion choices go criminally underreported. The pertinent details of which falafel place I did for lunch are lost to the ages. My day’s narrative simply loses its primary audience, as though cancelled due to low ratings and frequent profanity. I could continue the broadcast on Facebook, dispatching glossy post-breakup PR or the romantic distress bat-signal of Sade lyrics, but being heard is not the same as feeling known. Nothing can substitute for the presence of an actual human person who knows most of your secrets and still somehow wants to make out with you.”

“In the fantasy version of new bachelorhood, anyone you’ve ever had a romantic thought about has been vision-boarding your breakup the entire time, in such a way that somehow registers as more flattering than creepy. Every fetching stranger on the subway always wanted to talk to you, but intuited your betrothed status and respected its boundaries, much as it pained them. Then suddenly you’re single again and the truth reveals itself: everything is basically the same and also you’re a major narcissist. Meeting people still requires trying, or officially not-trying while still trying super hard.”