SAD. SUCH A SAD SONG. Thank God I didn’t hear this 3 months ago. The lead singer, Stephen Christian, is also a spitting image of Aaron Eckhart in this video, somehow.

I began to speak to Ruth of love almost as soon as she got out of the hospital and went to work for me. Her replies were kind and funny and perceptive — but above all pessimistic. She believed, and was entitled to believe, I must say, that all human beings were evil by nature, whether tormentors or victims, or idle standers-by. They could only create meaningless tragedies, she said, since they weren’t nearly intelligent enough to accomplish all the good they meant to do. We were a disease, she said, which had evolved on one tiny cinder in the universe, but could spread and spread.

“How can you speak of love to a woman,” she asked me early in our courtship, “who feels that it would be just as well if nobody had babies anymore, if the human race did not go on?”

“Because I know you don’t really believe that,” I replied. “Ruth — look at how full of life you are!” It was true. There was no movement or sound she made that was not at least accidentally flirtatious — and what is flirtatiousness but an argument that life must go on and on and on?

-Vonnegut, “Jailbird”


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