No dreams last night. That’s certainly a change of pace. It’s certainly a different dynamic when two people cease to exist for each other in the physical world and relegate each other to living in the mind. I was skimming a book the other day called “The Brain in Love” and it mentioned that a significant other will actually occupy neuronal pathways in the brain. Shit’s not even a metaphor anymore. People can literally take up a part of your brain.

I saw End of Watch the other night and really liked it. Gives you somewhat of an appreciation for what law enforcement deals with, especially those in dangerous areas. Most of the movie was shot documentary style and oftentimes from the POV of the LEO, which really added to the immersion.

The first flush of youth was upon you when our eyes first met
And I knew that to you and into your life I had to get
I felt light-headed at the touch of this stranger’s hand
An assault my defenses systematically failed to withstand

’cause you came at a time
When the pursuit of one true love in which to fall
Was the be all and end all


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