Day 4

And so, sadly, winds down my vacation. I spent today mostly just relaxing and reading, though I did check out Old Town (which was extremely underwhelming). It’s basically just rows of shitty stores and rundown bars on streets designed to look “old timey”. I did come across a Tarot card fortune telling whatever place and briefly considered getting my palm read just to have something stupid to write about, but it cost $25 and I would demand to have a lot more than just my hand stroked for that kind of money.

Anyway, I’m all packed and I’ve gotta get up at 5 tomorrow so I should be sleeping but I’m writing tripe instead. Tomorrow should be a fun day of air travel. Maybe my connection will get canceled. Also, 7 inches of snow are apparently waiting for me back home. God knows I’ve grown tired of this insufferable tshirt weather anyway.


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