Weird day today. I was consumed with thoughts all morning. Reading stories from various girls freshly broken up with over the past few days on here made me sad for all the collective heartache there is out there. That shit is so confusing in the beginning. That fucking initial cavalcade of anger, shame, regret, and overwhelming sadness is harrowing. I guess the silver lining (if you can call it one) is that it does get better. It gets better once you shed that cocoon you shared with your significant other, once you purge yourself of everything that had to do with them, once you’re able to find yourself again, and function on your own.

Relationships can be surprisingly fragile things. A single fight, or innocent word, can sink what seemed like an unsinkable ship, or at least one that could always be made seaworthy again. God, I use metaphors too much.

Oh and a happy April Fools’ to all assholes out there.


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  1. Break ups are liberating and freeing.Except for not being able to get the fucker out of your head.But reading about other people’s pain helps you get past your own for sure:)

  2. @hellokristenn – Ah, there lies the rub. After the dust settles, after you get your life more or less back on track, you’re left with a ghost in your head, following you everywhere. And so you distract yourself, but the voice always come back, and the only absolute way to get rid of it is to find someone else. As for other people’s pain, my own pain isn’t really an issue anymore. I just feel more like an old grizzled war veteran, because I’ve gone through all the bullshit already. I do wish people didn’t have to suffer like that, but it really is the only way we emotionally mature.

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