Just found out my buddy is having a kid in 6 months and it was a pretty eye opening moment for me. Here I am musing about existentialism and when I’ll find another human being I can connect with again, and meanwhile he’s busy CREATING A HUMAN LIFE. Shit got real for him! He’s gonna have to take care of a little person in 6 months!

It’s humbling in that it really makes you think about how significant your own shit is, or rather insignificant. Everyone gets so self absorbed in their own minutia that they lose sight of the things around them. We forget that there’s an entire universe around us shifting all the time, with people being born, people dying, lovers meeting and parting, happiness and grief, yin and yang. Something like a breakup is so hilariously insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We’re all entitled to be selfish and self pitying, and we’re all entitled to get existential and wonder about the purpose of it all. I wonder how productive it is though. I wonder if it matters.


“There will be landfills with piles of Kindles stacked so high you will be able to view the vast nothing of the human experience in every direction until in its immensity you get so dizzy you’ll need another Soma pill just to make you feel like living again.”


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