Don’t have any introspective musings tonight. Well, I do, but they’re not new.

I was at a coffee shop earlier tonight and was audience to two people in their late 40s/early 50s on a date. They were having the “number of partners” discussion (which is a COMPLETELY irrelevant and stupid question that so many people insist on asking) while I was trying not to vomit. Both were divorced (obviously), and both had kids. Something about people dating so late in life just makes me sad. I mean it’s great that they’re out there trying to find love, but you just want people like that to have their lives in order. It’s like my 50 year old hairdresser with a “boyfriend”. 50 year old women aren’t supposed to have boyfriends. They’re supposed to be married with children, and grandchildren on the way. They should have their shit figured out. I guess seeing old people going through the same motions that people my age go through is just a bit disheartening.

Why is my ideal scenario of “a life in order” necessarily a family with children and grandchildren in a cottage with a picket fence? Some people prefer to be free of commitment and travel the world and not have responsibilities, right? Sure, right. But the reason I feel this way is because I think that finding a life partner, your other half, is life’s hardest puzzle to solve. Once you have it solved, you’re basically home free. You should be able to live out the remainder of your life dealing with less wracking problems, like where you should go on vacation, or where you can find a nice spot to go fishing. So when you’re 50, and life has fucked you over with divorce or death, and you have to go out there and deal with the fetid putrid world of dating again, that’s sad.


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  1. Ohhh myyy. You sound exactly like me. Are you sure you haven’t picked at my brain? I definitely agree with you. It makes me SO sad to see people like that. So late in the game, and they just started playing again. But I definitely idolize them because they haven’t given up and I bet they will find a companion if they keep it up. My aunt is like 70 and she has an 80 something year old boyfriend and shes happy. LOL I think that’s all that matters-happiness. I think there are a couple reasons you and I (along with many others) share this “life in order” ordeal. First off, lets start from the very beginning. Very early in human life, there were not that many around. In order to survive and to reproduce we had to band together with another person. In order to reproduce SUCCESSFULLY and ensure our offspring a better chance of survival-we had to reproduce as early as possible because lets face it-the older women get, the older our eggs get, and the older men get, the less sperm they want to or can reproduce. So, in other words from the beginning of time we needed to have another to survive and we needed to find that other person fast to make sure our species continues successfully. My second hypothesis has to do soley with society and how we were raised. We live (or at least LIVED) in a world where we grew up with those fairy tale disney movies-and even today-every stupid hollywood love story tells us we have that ONE TRUE LOVE and that we are DESTINED to be with them. Same thing with those disney movies. They sit there and lie to us and never even hint to us the fact that not everyone is jasmin and aladdin. sometimes that shit DOESNT work out. Its really NOT happily ever after. those movies are ALL a COMPLETE lie. Even when 2 people are happily married, its not happily EVER after. It’s happily MOSTLY after LOL. Lastly, and I really don’t have much to say on this (its just a thought), it’s just the world we live in. Back in the day, everyone got married. If a woman wasn’t married by a certain age she was considered an old maid. And most of the time, people got married for all the wrong reasons and it was for financial and situational security-not love. So without this becoming a book, I just wanna leave you on this note. We’ve been lied to, for many many mannnnny years. Love is completely different than what we’ve been taught. I honestly HIGHLY recommend the book I’m reading (It’s at the end of the quotes blog you commented on) The author goes really deep into all of the subjects you talk about in your posts. Like legit, almost all of your posts are in that book lol. But please, don’t frett too much about life. Like you said, we just need to enjoy the ride :)

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