I get the sneaking suspicion that I get into “introspective mode” in order to avoid studying, but today is 6 months since D-Day and that has been cause for reflection too. On the one hand, it’s a day like any other, but I did take a second to reflect just how much shit I went through because of one girl. One scarred, emotionally damaged girl who I didn’t know how to handle, but loved with every fiber of me. But no matter how much I’ve learned over the past 6 months, I’m still a fucking idiot. So is my ex. So is everyone else. Everyone is a fucked up mess of insecurities, neuroses, and scars.


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  1. Yes! Every single person on this planet exhibits some sort of neurosis to some degree. You just have to find the strength to overcome your own neurotic tendencies. It’s just a matter of finding someone (and being that someone) who can look past all of those characteristics and who can honestly reach out and help you grow (and vise versa). I do believe there are a few people out there for everyone, it just takes a LONG time to find them because you have to sift through all of the incompatable ones. We will never be perfect people-but nobody is. And we will never be rid of our neurosis (not many will be either). We just have to find someone who will exert just as much effort as we give to others, and who will make us happier people. First comes self love. Then the love of another. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love another. Even if you feel like you are loving someone, it isn’t true if you aren’t. You have many good points. Life is CRAZY. 

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