“FELIX: The most beautiful woman I ever knew. No offense, no offense.

DWAYNE: No offense. Anybody who wants to can say she was the most beautiful woman he ever saw.
You should have married her, not me.
FELIX: I wasn’t worthy of her. Look at the dent I put in the Rolls-Royce.
DWAYNE: You scraped up against something blue.

FELIX: Listen. She lasted a lot longer with you than she would have lasted with me. I’m one of the worst
husbands there ever was.
DWAYNE: Not as bad as me. I just ran away from her, she was so unhappy, and I didn’t know what to
do about it — and there wasn’t anybody else to take her off my hands. I’m good for selling cars. I can
really sell cars. I can fix cars. I can really fix cars. But I sure couldn’t fix that woman. Never even knew
where to get the tools. I put her up on blocks and forgot her. I only wish you’d come along in time to
rescue the both of us. But you did me a big favor today. At least I don’t have to think my poor wife
went all the way through life without finding out what love was.” -Vonnegut, “Deadeye Dick”
You can’t fix people. Some people are more broken than others. You can’t fix them either, no matter how desperately you may want to. All you can do is love unconditionally.

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