The ubiquity of social media nowadays makes things unnecessarily difficult for today’s generation. Before all this Facebook nonsense, when people separated, they separated. Ties were cut. At most, you could find out about a person through the grape vine between your mutual friends. Or, you could drive by their house, like a proper psychopath. But with social media, the ability to invade someone’s privacy is always there. I’ve got enough willpower not to, though the irritating temptation does arise once in a while. But I know people that stalk others from their past on the regular and it is incredibly unhealthy behavior. The worst part is that none of that information can benefit you IN ANY WAY. You’re just a fucking voyeur peeking into another person’s life, a life which has long ceased to have anything to do with you. You’re scratching an itch which can never really be scratched because your crazy fucking brain will always wonder about stupid shit from the past.

I wish I lived in the 80’s when none of this was an issue. Plus I could have gone to see a bunch of rad metal bands when they were still young and playing shows.

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