Nick: I’m also going to buy stuff that we need and pay my taxes. ‘Cause the government ain’t shuttin’ down my house.

You don’t want them to do that.

Nick: That would be stupid ’cause they would also shut down your power. That would be the stupidest thing in your life.

If you don’t have power you can’t play your video games.

Nick: And even worse, they would shut down the TV.

Alex, how do you feel about taxes?

Alex: I don’t know what taxes are.

When you are older and you have a lot of income, you have to give some of it to the government.

Alex: I don’t like it. If he tries it, well, if he doesn’t give me anything back, I won’t.

You won’t? You’re not going to pay your taxes? What if they come to your door, and they knock on your door and say you haven’t paid your taxes, what are you going to do?

Alex: I don’t know. That’s wasting money.

Nick: I’ll rescue you. I’ll beat them up into sandwiches.


Hahahaha, I can’t even handle this interview.


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