Yesterday was the last day of classes. Ever. And that’s a little weird to take in (that’s what she said). I’ve been doing the college thing for the last 6 years of my life (3 years undergrad, 3 years grad) and now it’s just over all of a sudden. For 3 years, my only responsibility was basically to go to class and pass my exams to get into pharmacy school. And then my only responsibility for the next 3 years was to go to class and pass my exams so I wouldn’t fail out of pharmacy school (and also gain some clinical skills about pharmacotherapeutics or whatever along the way). Next week I’ve got two exams and then that’s it. It’s over. In July, I’ve got rotations starting up which will be going continuously until April of next year when I finally graduate.

Rotations will be an opportunity for me to get some idea of what I want to do with my degree, because right now I’m about as directionless about what I want to do as a 19 year old anthropology major. My life for the next year will just be a 9-5 grind pretty much, minus getting paid. And I’m paying tuition to work for free. So that’s cool.

A lot of working adults tell me, “Oh I wish I could go back to school. Oh you’ll miss it so much.” I guess I get that. College life is easy. You don’t have to worry about shit. Once you get out in the real world, you’re an autonomous human being. I’m going to have to start repaying my mountain of debt 6 months after graduation. I’ll have to get insurance eventually (in 2 years though thanks to Obamacare), it’s just all these grown up things that suddenly crop up. Not only that, but work life is pretty stable (sometimes to the point of boring) as I imagine it. Some people do have dynamic jobs with new challenges, but I think that’s the exception rather than the rule in most cases.

Life will change, but I don’t know if it’ll change THAT drastically. I mean, I’ll still do the same shit I do in my free time. Life changes are always just a little weird, especially if you’re averse to change in the first place.

The other day our class had a gathering to celebrate the last day of classes and the fact that we have 365 days until graduation. It was a pretty good time. I got a liiiittle tipsy on $2 mimosas, because, well, $2 mimosas! The event was held out at some farm, although you’d be hard pressed to determine exactly what they grow. The territory is enormous, with rolling green fields in every direction and adjacent to a gorgeous lake. Imposing castles pepper the territory here and there. Apparently one of the richest families in the area owns the area. I don’t doubt it.

Pour my life into a paper cup, the ashtray’s full and I’m spillin’ my guts

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