Bittersweet day. I worked my last shift ever at the office today. It’s the last time I’ll get paid to be there, but I’ll definitely still visit and loiter over the next year. I love the ladies they have working there; they’re just two genuinely kind people who’ll do anything for the students at school.

Leg day at the gym was brutal. I’m back to squatting 240lbs. Feels good but fuck me, I will not be walking well the next few days.

My employment situation is still kind of in limbo. I’m trying to get my private tutoring off the ground and so far have one confirmed client for next week. I’m trying to wrassle up some more through word of mouth. We’ll see how that goes. It’d be real convenient to have something supplemental like that throughout the year to bolster my money situation while I’m working 40 hours a week for free.

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