Yesterday, I went to a wine tasting class for the first time. I know next to nothing about wine, but I do have some understanding of tasting and smelling alcohol from experience with scotch and beer. I’m not crazy about wine, but I’ll have it with a steak or something. Anyway, wine tasting isn’t all that different. You look at slightly different things (tannins and acidity for instance), but I was still able to pick up different smells (apples, cherry, chocolate, acetone, earthiness, etc.) Some smells correlate with similar tastes, but not all. It was pretty neat.

The only thing that turned me off from the experience were the people in attendance. Aside from one young couple and myself, everyone was in their 40s and 50s. Some of them were tolerable, but most were just stereotypical snobby wine drinking cunts loving the smell of their own farts. I felt a little out of place sitting there in a hoodie with an unkempt beard. Even the young couple was well on their way to growing into those same snobby cunts. Oh well.

The same night, I took in Iron Man 3, which was 15 kinds of sick. Just great, great fun. I could have stood for some more Audi scenes as I felt that the R8 was woefully underrepresented, but the action made up for it.


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