Super weird dream last night. So I’m walking along a boardwalk. A young doberman is running around by himself. Eventually the boardwalk stops and I’m at a kids’ playground. For some reason, dog shit is everywhere. Some of it is dinosaur sized. A British woman is with her child and they’re talking about the government? A couple of kids are playing dead, I guess to imitate war casualties? A few American soldiers run up and use the kids as examples to explain the deaths. The ones with gunshots were said to be pulpiphobic. I asked the soldier if that’s what you called people that were shot and he said, “Yes.” The one kid that wasn’t dead due to a gunshot, according to the soldier, died instead of pneumonia? I dunno. My brain completely made up “pulpiphobic” as that is not a real word in any accepted language.

At some point, I was going to catch a flight somewhere with my family and I had lost them. Also, I had forgotten my phone somewhere before so they couldn’t call me. Eventually, I found them. With them, oddly enough, was a girl I knew in high school. We were friends back then, and last time I checked, I believe she is a single mom these days.

That’s about all I remember. There were bits and pieces before and after, but it gets hazy. This was one of the most vivid dreams I’ve had in months.

Oh and according to my mom, having shit in your dreams means you’re going to come into money, and I may be close to landing a job in the next few days, so…great?


And heavens cried blood
As I swallowed the poison from her lips again
And heavens cried blood
I felt no regrets for her death

No need for sympathies
What she got is what she deserved
She blackened the world
She blackened the sun


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