Last night was one of those nights that started out well, turned shitty, and then ended better than expected. I went to what was called a “Stoplight Party”. The gimmick was that people dressed up in red, yellow and green to indicate their relationship status. Red meant taken, yellow “complicated”, and green single. Neat idea and definitely takes the guesswork out of meeting new people.

As soon as I got there, I immediately met a cute 20 year old blonde (and her fat friend). We chatted for a little, and then went off dancing. Within a half hour, she and her whale companion vanished like apparitions in the night. So the night turned meh for a while. On the bright side, the cover band playing was awesome. They played a bunch of 80’s hits like “Take on Me”, “Safety Dance”, “Thriller”, “Beat It”, and even AC/DC’s “Back in Black”. What was crazy impressive was how well the vocalist managed to imitate so many distinctly different vocal styles.

So later I met a brunette around my age dancing with some of her friends. We bantered a little, and she was a pretty cool girl. At the end of the night I got her number, so win there. I’m not raising my expectations, and I’m in a mindset right now where girls are flakes unless proven otherwise, but still, cool girl. Now I get to play the “when should I send the first text” game.

How can you go on?
When you’re murdering someone
Killing me like you do


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