This is honestly one of my favorite TV moments ever. The on screen chemistry that John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer put forth through Jim and Pam is indescribable. The kind of love that these two fictional characters have is just everything. SO MANY FEELS. I hope everyone gets to have even a sliver of this kind of emotional connection to another human being.

I watched the finale today and it’s honestly kind of crazy how an entire era of television feels like it’s over. The show had a 7 year run spanning 9 seasons. The Michael Scott era was incredible, then the show took a noticeable slide downwards after his departure for a few seasons. Andy became irritating, Nelly was just awful and then became tolerable. The new ancillary characters were alright. I liked the interactions between the new fat kid and Dwight. Fortunately, the show picked up some noticeable steam as it was approaching the end of its life, and having Michael Scott in the finale was incredible, if not completely expected.

It’s kind of sad that The Office is done. At least it went out on the highest note it possibly could. Parks & Rec is well on its way towards taking its helm, and it deserves it thanks to its phenomenal cast and writing staff.


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  1. hi, do tell me what exactly is meant by a “pharmacy drone”. so far, the only automation I have encountered in the pharmacy experience is the phone system…but I am prepared to learn more.

  2. @blonde_vampire – Well if you want to talk automation, many pharmacies nowadays actually have robots that count pills. As for me, I’m just a regular old intern who counts pills, takes scripts, talks to doctors, basically everything in the pharmacy except check scripts which the pharmacist does. The job is just so soulless and boring that I may as well be a drone.

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