The job hunt so far is being hindered solely by me, my apathy, and my disdain for getting minimum wage. After suckling on the $14/hr teat at my last work study job, the idea of going down to $9 makes me gag a little. I’m hardly in a position to bargain, and the job would only be for about a month and a half before I go home for my first rotation anyway, but still. MEH.


“I have had some experiences with love, or think I have, anyway, although the ones I have liked best could easily be described as “common decency”. I treated somebody well for a little while, or even for a tremendously long time, and that person treated me well in return. Love need not have anything to do with it. (…)
Love is where you find it. I think it is foolish to go looking for it, and I think it can often be poisonous.
I wish that people who are conventionally supposed to love each other would say to each other, when they fight, “Please – a little less love, and a little more common decency”.”

-Vonnegut, “Slapstick”


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