So this is about to devolve into some serious teenage level bullshit. Flaky girl and I finally went on a date the other day and it was actually a great time. It was the first time I enjoyed myself on a date since the breakup, and if anything, it showed me that I can enjoy myself around other girls just as much as I did around her. She’s smart, she teaches ballroom dance, she’s a nerd who likes Skyrim and Magic of all things (the latter’s a bit out of my personal nerd zone), and she’s got a great body.

Now I’m sitting like a dumbass contemplating when to call to get the second date. As much as my nerves were alright before the first date, I’m somehow more nervous after it. I guess it’s butterflies, except my butterflies are the size of elephants and it’s a bit annoying. I skipped out on the traditional initial dating routine in my last relationship, so I’m diving into all of this basically for the first time. It’s seriously like dating 101 for me right now. A lot of familiar feelings though.

Though this is truly sophomoric crap, it makes all my philosophizing and reflection over the past x months about what was just seem so Goddamn stupid. I mean, it had to happen and was important at the time, but now it’s just all hilariously dumb. At least this shit’s real and actually happening.

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