Well flaky girl ended nice and neatly. A refreshing breath of candor, honestly. It was a great first date with a few flubs that I won’t make next time.

I’m more disappointed that I just finished Vonnegut’s last novel of the 14 he wrote. Kind of a sad day. I slowly devoured nothing but these books for a year and a half (which is also a statement of how much actual free time I had to read for pleasure in pharmacy school). Vonnegut was the first author who ever actually made me think. Prior to him, the quality of books that I read could best be described as “movie” books; they were dumb, easy to read airport novels that you used to distract your brain for a while. I didn’t hate reading John Grisham, or Dan Brown, or J.K. Rowling as a kid, because I was a kid. But Vonnegut’s a different ball game. He made me look at books differently. The next step from here is to move on to his collection of short stories. 

You should make amends with you
If only for better health
But if you really want to live
Why not try and make yourself?


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