Life is a weird, weird funk for me right now. Things aren’t particularly bad, and they’re not particularly great. It’s more like an absence of anything significant. I think it’s the unemployment that’s getting me down more than anything. My roommate moved out the other day to move into a one person studio. Not a terrible loss; he mostly kept to himself in his room even when he lived here. Still, at least there was another living person coming home every day to exchange some words with. The apartment’s empty now until August when a new roommate arrives.

I think it’s an issue of having too much free time right now. It was unhealthy for me earlier, and it’s unhealthy now. I still occupy myself with the gym, friends, books, and going downtown, but somehow it doesn’t seem enough. In 3 weeks, I’ll start my first rotation in Jersey, and I’ll be putting in 40 hours a week, so I’ll be busy enough to distract myself from this wracking ennui. I’ll probably even supplement the hours with hours at my job back home, so I can actually earn a little spending money instead of just slowly burning it every month. The trick will then be getting a job here once I come back in August.

But I could read you plain
You want a different life
Someday, hell, you might ruin mine
I’d lately come to wonder
what it might feel like
If one last time
We went and did this right


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