On the drive home yesterday, I got caught in torrential rain no less than 3 times. The second time, the rain kept on for at least 30-45 minutes. Of course, I was driving top down the whole time. It is hilarious watching people gawk at the lunatic driving a little orange Miata when it’s pouring outside. Honestly, at speed, you don’t even get wet. A little water gets on the inside of the doors and so my left arm got a little wet. I only got soaked when I stopped for food and gas and had to get out to put the top up. I’ve got the drive down to a science by now. I pile 80-85mph nearly the whole way and what’s usually a 6 hour drive turns into a 5hr15 drive if I don’t make any stops.

To care or
Plead silence, weak hands are calling

But I can’t seem to end
These images
Hauntingly looks like hell

To end this catastrophic scene, awake and breathing.


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