After a snafu of a date the other week, I’m finding it increasingly important to find out a girl’s intentions. For instance, “seeking a relationship” is pretty straightforward, but “isn’t seeking a relationship or any kind of commitment” is rife with ambiguity. What I construed as a girl just wanting to hookup apparently meant a girl wanting to date a couple times, THEN hookup, and then be free to bang other dudes at her leisure. And that’s an important discrepancy, because if you just hookup on the first date, then there’s no reason to go all date-y with coffee and ice cream and walks by the waterfront, which is exactly what I fucking did. More and more I’m reminded of how important communication is, not only in relationships, but even on stupid dates.

But forrealzies, when a girl uses the phrase “slut it up”, I don’t think I’m in the wrong for assuming things. No, where I was in the wrong was in dating a 21 year old and expecting her to know what she wants.


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