The other day, we went to Cape Cod where I succeeded in getting massively sunburned, as is my usual method of tanning. Then I went out venturing into Boston on my own. I took the Green line all the way from Riverside to Park Street and then just wandered around for at least an hour. I was in the theater district, and walked by a plain looking store with “BOOKSTORE DVD & VIDEOS” in the window. I thought, “Neat! I can buy a book!” I walked in, saw a small shelf of ancient PS2 games and comic books. Behind that was a porn shop, which was hilarious. Later I was on Newbury Street. Here I noticed two blonde girls on bike rickshaws, which I think is an awesome business model: attractive girls driving fat people around! I had pretty much no idea where I was in relation to where I started but I know I got pretty far because the closest station was Hynes Center which is 4 stops from where I started. I saw an angry black woman threaten a Chinese couple after she was bumped into. I saw a drunk mumbling on the metro. After getting back to Park Street, I hit up Beantown Pub, where they carry a brew that Sam Adams brews exclusively for them. I got a bit hammered and met an awesome 41 year old milf. Beantown is pretty sweet! 


Today’s my last full day in the city so I’ll probably hit up Cambridge and walk around Harvard a bit. Then I’ve gotta check out the waterfront.


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