Hm, life. 2 weeks ago, I was sitting unemployed on my couch. This past week, I worked 60 hours over 7 days. So I started my first rotation for school. It’s at a big pharmaceutical company. They have a fountain. I have an ID card on my belt with my face on it, which lets me past security points. The rotation so far is not so much work as it is meeting a ton of interesting people. I have a project I’m working towards that I will present to a room of pharmacists in August. Other than that, I help with little projects here and there, talk with the girl in my class who shares a cubicle with me, and drink free (!) coffee. It’s a bitch to get to work since Jersey traffic is a motherfucker both in the morning and in the afternoon when I leave, but c’est la vie. 

Honestly, this is a super neat opportunity to figure out industry. Along with the students on rotation, there are also fellows doing 2 year fellowships here. It’s my understanding that this has become the way to get into industry for pharmacists and I am most likely going to pursue a fellowship come December. Fellows don’t get amazing money for their 2 year tenure, just $45k, but the salary potential is massive once you get into a company. You start out making the same money out the gate as any other pharmacist ($120k-ish), but get promoted to a director after ~10 years and you’re making $200k. Get to senior director, look at $300 probably. VPs of a department can make a cool $500k.

This song makes me super happy.


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  1. your rotation sounds cool! you mentioned it is your “first” rotation- does that mean there are new and different things to experience in the future of this particular program?

  2. @blonde_vampire –  Ok so, the last year of pharmacy school is your “rotation” year. I’m done sitting in the classroom, and now I’m spending the next 8 months or so working in different areas of pharmacy for 6 weeks at a time. The idea is to get experience and figure out where you want to work when you graduate. This is my first rotation of six.

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