I love that I’m finally working a lot. Yesterday I worked a 6-10 after my 9-5 rotation. Today, I’m doing a 5-9. Tomorrow’s a 3-10. Money, money!

I’d like to get philosophical for a second. I’ve noticed that although life is moving forward and in a positive direction for me, I still struggle with my personal demons and memories. It’s a shitty dynamic in a sense, because things are generally great. I actually have an inkling of what I want to do with my life after I graduate, an idea which was only born the other week. I’d like to become a medical liaison. I also genuinely enjoy the company of the girl who’s on rotation with me. Things in the next few months will be crazy. I’m going to ASHP Midyear, a giant conference in Orlando, in December to pursue a fellowship. God willing, I’ll have a job offer by January. And then who knows where I’ll be living come next summer? Honestly, anywhere the job places me in the continental US. I’d love to move west somewhere out near Portland or Seattle. Hell, maybe California. So I’m chugging along. Life is good. But I still get introspective. I still think about stupid shit. I still have flashbacks. I still have internal monologues and arguments with myself. I still wonder “what if?”. Fuck.

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