So I’ve more or less settled on a theme that doesn’t irritate me. This is about as minimalist a theme as I could find and it’s the closest to what I had on Xanga. It is pretty irritating how little customization there is on WordPress in comparison to Xanga where I could play with the HTML of the entire page to my heart’s content. Seems that WordPress is more idiot friendly.

Also, I had to try pretty hard to come up with this username. MiataMike was taken and variants thereof were also taken. Oh well, I’m satisfied with this one.

Neat thing: I downloaded my Xanga archives and oddly enough, it had kept the entries from October-January that I had deleted and thought were lost to the endless internet void. It was a neat little adventure reading that bullshit. The sad songs, the bitter letters to no one but empty air. WHATEVER.

One nice thing about WordPress was that I was able to import my Tweeter. I thought twice if I should, but it really doesn’t matter if some internet strangers get to read the crap that a different group of internet strangers can already read. Also neat (read: derivative) how WordPress adopts Twitter-esque “like” and “reblog” functions.

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