Today was a rather dumb shift at the pharmacy, only 3 hours long. There was a fair bit of counseling though, which has lately become the only redeeming factor to working in community pharmacy at all.

I spoke to a nice little old Jewish lady picking up some medications and asked her if she had any questions, which launched into a 15 minute discussion of her telling me about her blood pressure and diabetes medications. Her diuretic dose became less frequent, but she was urinating more frequently (which makes no sense) and she isn’t on any other medications which would cause diuresis. Her endocrinologist also told her to discontinue metformin, which was prescribed by a primary care physician. Metformin is rarely discontinued in diabetics unless they’re going to switch to insulin. It’s a gold standard drug and is first line therapy in all diabetics, so it’s very odd why it would be discontinued. As I listened to this poor woman tell me how hard it is to get a doctor to listen and talk to her, I likened her to Ellen Burstyn’s character in Requiem for a Dream. She was in desperate need of someone to sit her down and tell her exactly what she should be taking and how often, in other words, proper medical care. My cynicism and disdain for the health care system grows daily.

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