So I guess Xanga met its goal? But only membership holders will have their archives transferred over to Xanga 2.0? What is the actual difference if the userbase is already on WordPress? Lots of unanswered questions that I guess will be cleared up in the coming weeks. Whatever.

Yesterday, was a Personal Development Day at Rutgers for the fellows (fellowship fellows, that is) and I tagged along with the rest of the students. It was a day catered towards Medical Affairs and there was a ton of information on the field, including information about medical liaisons. Pretty good time. Later, our group of 5 all planned to go the bar. 2 dropped out, so my French buddy, a cute blonde, and I were left. Being from France gives this guy a get out of jail free card because he can say absolutely the most outrageous shit and it’s totally cool because he’s French and is from a different culture. That, coupled with alcohol, led to awesome conversation between the three of us. I like this girl, but I gotta remember that I’m only in Jersey for another few weeks and long distance is not happening. 

Poison is great. They’re known for their dirty, ugly glam metal (see “Look What the Cat Dragged In” and “Talk Dirty to Me”), but their ballads are just incredible.


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