Inventing the wheel

There’s a Russian saying: “The less we pay attention to women, the more they love us.”

Also: “Treat them like dirt and they stick to you like mud.”

Which is great. It’s elementary psychology in many respects. But acting like that feels unnatural to me, like lying. Because it isn’t who I am. When I’m in a relationship, I give a girl the love she deserves. So withholding attention to create initial attraction is a shitty catch-22 for me because I intentionally have to hold back and hide away that desire to nurture and care.

It’s all a part of the stupid fucking games we need to play because being forthright and honest is boring.

I’m not discovering new worlds here. Just whining out loud. Older women who’ve gotten their share of abuse are the ones that are ready to stop playing the games. It’s not difficult. You hang out, you click, you fuck. There is no need for the head games.


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