The Man With the Penis Rash

Today there was a man with a penis rash. He asked me what he should do. He said it was scaly, red, and hurt to touch and that he’s never had anything like this in his life. I told him to get some lidocaine to numb the area, leave it alone, and see his doctor if it doesn’t heal on its own in a week. In my head, I was a 10 year old laughing my fucking head off. I am very professional.

In non penis related news, I gave a presentation at my rotation this morning. It was a half hour free CE (continuing education) about insulin given to about 10 people and about 5 more that were listening in via teleconference. That was my big overarching project for the 6 weeks that I’m at the company, so now I can just sort of coast the last 10 days. 

Lots of feels up in that song.

Fun trend: Whenever things go sour with a girl I like, I start thinking about the good times with my ex. I am an idiot.

One response to “The Man With the Penis Rash

  1. OMG such a good song!!! Throwback to a decade ago. (What, wha? Can you believe that song came out that long ago?!?!) I saw them in concert when I was the coolest 17 year old in my studded belt. LOL

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