I’m a little sad that my rotation is winding down. I met a ton of great people, some of which I probably won’t see for another year or so. I’m not a fan of change just as a matter of principle; I get used to routine and prefer it that way. Sometimes changes bring good things, often they don’t. Often the changes are either for the worse or they’re merely satisfactory.

I’m going back to VT which is nice. I’ve missed Burly. It’ll be nice hanging out on Church St and sipping some coffee or sitting down by the waterfront.

Still, 1 of 6 rotations is nearly down. Only 5 more and I’ll be graduating. There’s a sobering thought.

I’ve been tasked to write a reflective essay about this rotation and frankly I’m conflicted. Depending on who gets to read it, being completely open and frank may not serve my best interests. I’m brutally honest just because it’s who I am, but there’s little reason to do so here. The information is meant to serve students who get the rotation next year. The unfortunate reality of the workplace, and especially the corporate world, is that politics are inescapable. Everyone talks. Say something stupid and it can come back with a vengeance 5 years later. So it’s best to keep your mouth shut if you don’t have something nice to say. So I’ll write the essay and mention the positive aspects. There’s no need to go pouring shit on the preceptor, whose apathy towards students could only be measured in metric tons.

One of the saddest things to encounter is a cute girl who you TRY to like, but just can’t find anything to like. It’s like admiring an animated wax sculpture.

Yesterday was another life,
Turning left didn’t turn out right,
Stuck in hell when I was twenty-five,
You can’t regret what you don’t decide,
I should’ve stayed, should’ve let go,
Should’ve, could’ve means you’ll never know.


One response to “Changes

  1. “Politics are inescapable” – well said. Unfortunate that so much of the scientific world has to be hindered by such things, I certainly get an earful working in academia

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