Field Day

Today was a fantastic day. I had to wake up at 6am, which was less than ideal, but it was more than worth it because I actually got to hang out with an MSL and see his day to day. This is a job where he literally gets paid to talk to the biggest health care practitioners, otherwise known as key opinion leaders (KOLs). He just talks to people. Sure, he has to fill out some paperwork after his meetings and he has to teleconference once in a while, but his main job is just to talk to doctors about the science behind his company’s drugs. He discusses side effects, clinical trials, just awesome, nerdy science shit. He actually impacts what doctors prescribe to patients. He has an opportunity to indirectly impact patient outcomes. He actually makes a difference with his clinical expertise. And he gets paid for it.

Hey now, the past is told by those who win,
My darling,
What matters is what hasn’t been
Hey now, we’re wide awake and we’re thinking
My darling,
Believe your voice can mean something


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