Thursday Thoughts

Another great day with the MSL. I’m becoming more sure that is what I want to do. With any luck I might even break into the field without a 2 year fellowship. I’ll still probably apply just as a backup, but avoiding an $80,000 pay cut for 2 years would be awful swell.

Tomorrow’s my last day at the company. It’ll be a day of sad goodbyes. But this rotation served its purpose: to show me what I can do with my degree. Hell, it even showed me the career that I want to pursue.


4 responses to “Thursday Thoughts

    • and now I am watching a bunch of their videos realizing that I have never seen any of these before. I guess I started listening to them before Youtube was a thing and I never watched much MTV….

    • Yeah, old school SOAD is great. Their sound evolved with the last dual album, but I dug most of it too. “Lonely Day” was the only song that was kinda bad. I watched MTV a bit when I was a kid but it was usually MTV2 that would show any rock or metal videos. God, you’re taking me way back. Youtube just started taking off around the time Mezmerize/Hypnotize came out.

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