Glass case of emotion

Ugh, so many fucking goodbyes today. I said goodbye to pretty much everyone at the pharmacy. It’s the last time I’ll be here until next year, but for all intents and purposes, today was my last day. I’ll be a pharmacist by next year. I said goodbye to people I’ve worked with for years. Hey, good luck to you bro! Hey, nice meeting you. Hey, good working with you. Fuck. There’s just so many Goddamn emotions going on.

Honestly, I’ve been with this chain for almost SEVEN YEARS. That’s a long fucking time. I was still in high school when I started. So many things have changed. So many people have changed. People I worked with as techs have gone on to become interns and now are licensed pharmacists.


2 responses to “Glass case of emotion

    • It doesn’t really. I’ve always been in working in pharmacies since I was 15. Work experience doesn’t hurt when you’re applying to pharmacy school though.

      Process is pretty simple. You apply to pharmacy school like any other grad school once you’ve finished the prereqs, there’s an interview and then you get accepted or rejected. :)

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