Goodbyes, Arrogance, Riding on The Metro

So we said our awkward farewells and goodbyes today. I was actually pretty bummed about my French buddy going away. I might plan a trip to France after I graduate next year just to hang out a bit before diving into a fellowship/job.

My preceptor performed my evaluation at the end and, as constructive criticism, informed me that I’m arrogant. MIND. BLOWN. I told her that she didn’t exactly discover any new worlds with that observation. Unfortunately, it’s familial. I think my dad is worse than I am. My mom isn’t terribly modest among friends, either. I am arrogant. I’m also passionate and opinionated. Sometimes that rubs people the wrong way. Personally, I’ve always said “fuck ’em” in regards to people like that, but you can’t say that in the corporate world, so my preceptor is right and it’s something I’m working on. She still gave me a B+ for the rotation so I’ll take it!


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