Yesterday I drank a bit with a buddy. At one point, we were planning on heading over to his place for a bonfire. For some reason, I decided I forgot something in the apartment and went to go hop my deck balcony. This was the result:

(Not pictured are terrific purple bruises on my left outer thigh and right knee.)

I’m hoping this develops into a badass scar with which to impress girls.

In other news, I woke up today half thinking I was still in my bed in Jersey. It was a bit jarring when I realized I was in VT. My parents are off gallivanting in Austria and Switzerland for the week, whereas I get to start a new unpaid internship on Monday, so eat that, mom and dad!

I also managed to apply to two whole jobs before noon today, so not too shabby for a Sunday.

StS has this ability to drench the listener with the atmosphere it creates. I love doom metal for that.


5 responses to “Shenanigans

    • What, like Behemoth and the like? Not especially. I can get into the screech vocals with some bands, like Swallow the Sun. No actual black metal has ever really caught my ear, though. I’m open to recommendations! I like progressive technical death metal like Gojira and Meshuggah and Blotted Science, and then I also get into a lot of deathcore like Suicide Silence, Despised Icon and Parkway Drive. Also, metal sub genres are annoying.

      • I am going to have to look up those bands. Metal subgenres are kinda funny, though I have to admit that they are helpful to me because I am pretty picky about my metals.

        You should give Wolves in the Throne Room and Pelican a try. They are pretty different from one another but I like them for the same reasons. Based on the Swallow the Sun you posted, I shall also loosely recommend Nachtmystium.

      • Hahaha oh man, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is off the wall.

        If you’re into categorizing metal, check out It’s a staggering compendium of bands, obscure and otherwise and I use it to check out discographies once in a while. Unfortunately the community is a collection of the most incorrigible elitist douchebags, who will be more than happy to point out how you miscategorized some obscure Norwegian band that put out like one EP in 1993.

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