Twitter, Boobs, Metal, Money

I just deposited two checks. With my phone. In my apartment. THE FUTURE IS FUCKING HERE GUYS. WE ARE LIVING IT.

And now I’m going to whine about this technological marvel: There’s a dollar limit to how much you can mobile(ly?) deposit on one check. WHIIIIIINE! It’s pretty high since I was able to deposit a $1000 check, but it didn’t want to take a check for $5000 (loan refund checks are sizable). So yeah. Thanks a lot OBAMA.

Revocation’s got a new LP out that was just released a few weeks ago. It’s pretty tasty. This song off the last EP is fucking great though.

Also, single mothers on Twitter that have zero qualms about showing off their (in one case, fake) tits are just American heroes. Possibly maladjusted a bit, but American heroes nonetheless.

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