“Fuckstick Outpatient Pharmacy calling for a copy.”

The new internship is whatever, I guess. </disinterested teenager>

I mostly transferred prescriptions from other pharmacies while trying to get a handle on this hospital’s GOD AWFUL computer system. It’s the most unintuitive piece of shit I’ve ever used. Everything is needlessly complicated and nested within 15 different steps.

On a brighter note, I did some compounds. Not terribly complicated ones, by any means. Just dumb syrups. One amlodipine compound involved crushing 30 tablets in a mortar, which ended up being a pain because these tablets were made of a novel marble diamond hybrid. It’s also kind of a bummer that a kid is getting amlodipine. Unfortunately, if a kid’s getting a blood pressure med, there’s usually something much more serious going on with them in the hospital.

Other than that, I shot the shit with the preceptor. Asked about her kids, dumb small talk that you need to do to be personable and get along with people.

The bright point of the day was actually in the morning when I met a cutie at the bus stop. She was also a pharmacy student on rotation. I’ll have to see how that pans out. She’s also staying the 6 weeks in my apartment complex. Neat stuff!

I had this QOTSA song stuck in my head today after hearing someone say “do it again”. It’s funny how little phrases will trigger songs in my head.


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