Only thing I know for sure, is what I won’t do

Do feelings ever die? I mean, yeah, you can be into other people and you can tell yourself intellectually that you don’t want to be with someone, but do real feelings ever die? REAL TALK YO.

I think it’s ridiculous that so much time can pass and one can person can still remain relevant. Not that it’s even an accurate representation of that person. It’s a caricature; it’s all of their best traits rolled into an ideal clay mold concocted by your giant, overactive three kilogram brain.

I’m not sure my brain and my heart will ever be on the same page. They are like two warring nations fighting over a stupid bag of meat and bones.

WHOA. Coconut, right?! Nah, not really. There was a bit of sweetness towards the finish that MAY have hinted at coconut, but it was mostly just an (amazing) IPA through and through.

These mysteries of life, that just ain’t my thing


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