Time wounds all the heals as we fade out of view

My preceptor took me to an Interdisciplinary Team Meeting today. It’s held at an end of life respite home, where people of different areas in healthcare gather to discuss patients. The team involves pharmacists, social workers, nurses, everyone involved in any way with the patient. It’s somewhat interesting. Also very sad. Most of the patients being discussed usually are weeks from death and are basically living out their last days here because circumstances don’t allow them to die at home and it’s better than dying in a hospital bed. This meeting was 100% women. They hold these meetings every week, and all I could think was how strong these women are, to be surrounded by death all the time.

I spent a week in an outpatient oncology clinic last year working with an oncology pharmacist, and that shit was brutal. I’ve never been around cancer before, so I was depressed by week’s end, but there are people who are around this perpetually. I expect that people just desensitize themselves to the death; it’s the only way to carry on without losing your mind.

In non suicidally depressing news, I can’t get enough of QOTSA’s new album. My “potion” of choice right now is a chocolate, peanut butter and banana ale from Rogue. Odd beer, but tasty.

I sat by the ocean
And drank a potion, baby to erase you


4 responses to “Time wounds all the heals as we fade out of view

  1. Do you like the banana bread beer?

    I guess people in professions that deal with death are able to distance themselves enough to get through the day. My father is a cytogeneticist and typical work deals with diagnosing unborn or very, very young children. He says that it can be very gutwrenching at times, but also being the optimist he is, also says that it can make him very grateful for his/his family’s good health. I’m no optimist, but I suppose it does depend on how you look at it.

    • Never tried banana bread beer! I’m a huge beer nerd, but I don’t tend to get overly wacky with my beer. This last venture with a coconut IPA and a peanut butter, chocolate banana ale was the weirdest in a while. I do love me a good IPA though. Once I tried a maple bacon donut ale. Chili beers are pretty cool too.

      Yeah, for sure. You have to distance yourself in these lines of work. I still tend to feel all that shit cause I’m an empathetic young’un and death is still a weird scary concept to me. I don’t envy your dad’s job. I’m not sure I’d want to know what tragic bullshit the genes between my partner and I would predispose our kid to. It’s like, “Oh, if we have a kid, there’s a chance he’ll have this horrible defect. I guess let’s never have kids so they don’t have to potentially suffer. Or let’s be selfish and have kids anyway. Or let’s breakup and hope the next person we love has better genes.” It’s the kind of circumstance where I would infinitely prefer the bliss of ignorance. That burden of knowledge would just be too much to bear.

      So why do you identify as a pessimist anyway? Isn’t life grim enough at times as is? :)

      • I don’t mean to identify as a pessimist, that’s just the way I turned out :)

        Link to banana bread beer: http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/664/5488 . I used to drink a lot more beer, but in an effort to be more healthy I have somewhat recently veered towards wine instead. Banana bread beer is tasty, but not good once it warms up and difficult to drink more than one of. I prefer darker brews and when I’ve bought a banana bread for a friend of similar persuasion they have been astounded to enjoy something much lighter than the norm.

        Other beers I recommend: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, and Old Rasputin.

        (sorry to blow up your WordPress, I need more friends :D)

      • Ah, a woman after my heart. Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout is one of my all time favorites. That’s a classic go to. The Nut Brown Ale is fantastic too. I’ve really liked Old Rasputin too. Haven’t tried Young’s though. I’ll give the banana bread beer a shot. Fruit beer is kinda hit or miss. Sam Adams has a great blackberry witbier, UFO makes an awesome raspberry hefeweizen, and Dogfish Head has a fantastic IPA brewed with apricots called Aprihop.

        Health, schmealth! Just drink in moderation, jog and you’ll be fine. I don’t mind an occasional glass of wine with a steak, but I think beer is much more interesting to drink.

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