I went to another IDT meeting today. The group speaker had rattled off a list of hospice patients that had died the past week. Of those named, one man named Benoit had his name pronounced “Ben-oyt”. Everytime someone said “Ben-oyt” I felt like someone was stabbing me in the ear. It’s not “Ben-oyt”. It’s French. The closest English approximation is “Ben-wha”. It wouldn’t be a big deal under 99% of circumstances, but this guy was dead. He wasn’t even around to correct anybody. I knew how to pronounce your name, Benoit. Maybe that’s enough.

Lots of transfers today. I learned a neat fun fact about a sleep medication called Ambien (zolpidem) while on the phone with a Massachusetts pharmacist today. Apparently new guidelines are out recommending women against taking the 10mg dose due to excessively long metabolism of the drug leading to morning sedation. Bummer, ladies!

Remain in what you are, the center of your life
You made it to this point, no one can tell you how
You crawled and bled all the way but you were the only one
That was tearing your soul apart, you finally find yourself


One response to “Benoit

  1. Haha in high school, I was diagnosed with insomnia. They prescribed me Ambien and I only took it once. You know why? I took it at 7 or 8 at night and woke up at 2 PM THE NEXT DAY. Yeah, I missed the entire school day. And it felt like someone punched me in the eyes when I finally got up. Never. Again.

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